BDCC Club Runs

club_runWe meet up at Lidl's in Brigg on a weekly basis and the timetable for club rides is shown below;

Tuesday 6:30pm
Thursday 6:30pm
Saturday 8:30am (Newbie Ride - Brandy Wharf Loop)
Sunday 8:30am (9:00am - Steady Ride)

*note - The newbie rides will be a simple lap of the Brandy Wharf training loop which is 22 miles and the course details can be found here.

Meet at Lidl’s in Brigg (red footpath which is part cycle path and please be considerate to other pedestrians) the route, pace and distance depends on the people who turn up. Road bikes advised and helmets are compulsory, it also worth carrying a spare innertube , pump and tyre levers.

If you can ride an average pace of 16mph then you will be fine in the group. We don't leave anyone behind and everyone is welcome.


Please note: If you are not familiar riding in a group then don't worry, people will be happy to advise and give you pointers. This video provides some quite useful tips.

10 thoughts on “BDCC Club Runs

  1. I would like to wish Brigg and District all the best. I joined the previous incarnation Pedal Monsters and I think the new venture is a good step forward with a focus on regular club runs (and cake and coffee stops I hope) that will hopefully help establish a good core group of members as well as an online community.

    I’ll aim to get along for Monday night’s club run hope to see others there.


  2. Hi to everyone who has joined Brigg and district cycling club ,let’s hope all of us that have joined work together to make it a successful club .Back off holidays and weekends away so it’s time to put some work in over next few months .looking forward to our club runs out :)see you in morning cheers

  3. how far is 2moras ride ( sunday 2nd Nov ) and is there a planned coffee stop?

    Thanks and look forward to meeting up.


    • Tends to be about 50 miles, but depends on who is out. We have not done any coffee stops yet but will look to incorporate as the rides progress.
      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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