Clumber Park to Sherwood Pines MTB ride

ian_smithOn Saturday the 13th June, 3 riders from BDCC decided to ride their mountain bikes from Clumber Park to Sherwood Pines on the trail known as NCN6. This route had been discussed numerous times but never achieved.  It had forecast heavy rain all day however enthusiasm wasn’t dampened.  The journey from Brigg takes an hour from the M180 to M18, then A1 South, alternatively an hour from Caistor via Gainsborough and Retford.

On arrival we parked past the cricket pitches, easily accessible for facilities such as bicycle hire. The weather forecast for once was correct and torrential rain was the order of the day. We got togged up with our schoolboy grins and set out for the day down towards the lake. We soon found and followed the first sign for the NCN6 route into the unknown where the route is well sign posted and takes in some scenic woodland. Continue reading

Pinarrello Abuse – Martyn Ashton

Road Bike Party with Martyn Ashton showing what is capable on a Pinarello normally reserved for the road!, my wheels struggle to stay true dropping off a curb!!

Talk about Pinarelllo Abuse!!!

Martyn Ashton started out as a motorcycle trials rider, and began riding mountain bike trials later on. He has been the front man for The Bike Tour since 2002, and has been the British Biketrial Champion four times and has been the World Expert Biketrial Champion. Ashton is the High Jump World Record Holder. In 2008, Ashton entered the Mountain Biking UK 'Hall of Fame'.

Ashton not only rides trials, he has also designed the exhibition stages and has been designing products for his own Ashton Bikes range since 2002. He has appeared in TV shows, magazine covers and MTB videos, and also has his own column Hop Idol in the MBUK magazine. Ashton lives in Port Talbot, Wales.
Ashton broke his back in 2003 when he compressed a vertebra and fractured it during a fall, having misjudged a landing, but he soon returned to riding.

Unfortunately the second time he broke his back he wasn't so lucky and is now paralysed from the waste down.