Welcome to Brigg & District Cycling Club

sewn_patchWelcome to Brigg and District Cycling Club or BDCC for short!
BDCC is a group of like minded individuals who simply love cycling, whether it be on the road, off road, BMX or even on the boards of your nearest velodrome.

Brigg and District Cycling Club (BDCC) is not just about going out there and being the fastest or strongest, its about enjoying and trying the sport in all its forms, having a grin and encouraging others along the way.

club_runWe meet up at Lidl's in Brigg on a weekly basis and the timetable for club rides is shown below;

Tuesday 6:30pm
Thursday 6:30pm
Saturday 8:30am (Newbie Ride - Brandy Wharf Loop)
Sunday 8:30am (9:00am - Steady Ride)

*note - The newbie rides will be a simple lap of the Brandy Wharf training loop which is 22 miles and the course details can be found here.

Meet at Lidl’s in Brigg (red footpath which is part cycle path and please be considerate to other pedestrians) the route, pace and distance depends on the people who turn up. Road bikes advised and helmets are compulsory, it also worth carrying a spare innertube , pump and tyre levers.
In winter it's also polite to use mudguards to spare your fellow rider and non-members are also welcome.


The original Brigg Wheelers pictured outside the Woolpack Public House circa 1936!

We also organise other rides, as well as mountain bike rides via the forum.

BDCC is affiliated to;

British Cycling CTC - National Cycling Charity CTT - Cycling Time Trials

BDCC Forum!To find out more about Brigg & District Cycling Club (BDCC) and what's happening this week then feel free to have a look around our busy forum. (also available via Tapatalk for mobiles!) - Yours in Sport, Paul Carvill.